Grade 2

The teachers in Grade 2 are Dani, Catherine, Andrew, Jane and Jacqui.


Welcome to Term 4 of Grade 2 2019. We will be continuing to investigate and develop our understanding of the Albert Park Learning Dispositions. These are to: Persist, Reflect, Collaborate, Create and Self-Regulate. We will further develop our Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Skills by using our Chromebooks and existing iPads in digital learning activities. We will be learning to touch type by using an online typing tutor throughout the week to improve our keyboard skills, particularly focusing on improving our accuracy and speed when typing. Our Inquiry unit “Changes in Technology” will have a History and Critical and Creative Thinking focus. We will be investigating the big question, “What has technology done to impact our world”.

In Term 4, the Grade 2s are continuing to practise mindfulness and elements of “The Kindness Project” and are introducing the Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships (RRRR) program. The RRRR program covers aspects of the ‘Health and Physical Education’ and ‘Personal and Social Capability’ parts of the Victorian Curriculum. The units that will be covered are ‘Gender and identity’ and ‘Positive gender relations’. This Term, Grade 2s will also be involved in many exciting experiences such as the Grade 2 choir and an excursion to the Melbourne Museum and iMax. Grade 2 choir with be conducted by Michael every Friday afternoon and we will be travelling to the Melbourne Museum towards the end of the Term.

In our literacy lessons we will be focusing on the Daily 5 Literacy CAFE program. You can research more about this program at: In addition to this, we are also using the Writer’s Workshop program. You can read more about this program at: We will continue using our Writer’s Notebook, which is a large scrapbook containing “seeds” to help us grow our thinking for our writing. Seeds are anything that the student would like to use to assist their thinking to facilitate creating, conceptualising and inspiring student writing. They may be tickets from travel, brochures, photographs, or anything else that they can stick into their book, even leaves or feathers found on an adventure in the outdoors.

Our Literacy homework for Term 4 will be to read every night for at least 10 minutes with an adult, and record this in the Reading Journal. In the front cover of your child’s Reading Folder Journal there will be a page to assist with this task. Please ensure this reading task is completed each night from Monday to Thursday night. This will assist our class work as it will ensure that your child builds confidence in their reading and writing skills and it will help to connect the learning at school with their home environment. Please ensure that the written task is completed at least once a week.  

Our Mathematics program is based on the “Big Ideas in Number” developed in collaboration with Professor Di Siemon of RMIT University. You can learn more about this approach here: Big Ideas in Number.

In Term 4 we will be focussing on:

  • 2D and 3D Shape
  • 4 Operations
  • Patterns and Algebra
  • Chance

We will also be using the Mathletics program as part of our homework. Our Homework Policy dictates that each child must complete 30 minutes of Mathletics per week. This may be completed in one session of 30 minutes, or 3 sessions of 10 minutes; whichever approach suits your child best. More information can be found at:

Please note, you do not need to purchase an additional Mathletics login as it is included in our school program.

In addition to these subjects, the students will also be participating in French with Dora, Physical Education with Colin, Art with Marion and Music with Michael.

In Grade 2, it is each child’s responsibility to bring both their Communication Folder and Reading Folder to school each morning. Their Communication Folder contains a school diary which is to be used for communication between you and your child’s teacher. Diaries will be checked frequently, however if there is something particularly urgent please alert your classroom teacher.

Lunch orders can be completed online or using an envelope with money that is sent out from our classroom by 9:15 am each day. More information about this can be found here:

If you require a meeting with us, please enquire at the General Office, or via the Student Diary, however we will be in the playground after school following dismissal each day if you need to chat casually.

Kind regards

The Grade 2 Teaching Team: Daniela Khosh, Catherine Shepherd, Andrew Tzivanidis, Jane Armanasco and Jacqueline Halpin