Grade 6

The teachers in Grades 6 in 2018 are Andrea Eales, Michael Logan and Steph Lord-Darby.


TERM 1 2018

Starting school on time

Learning starts at 9am each morning and students need to ensure that they are at school and ready to learn by 9am. Students can access their classrooms from 8:50am. Ensure your child is getting to bed at a reasonable time so they are ready to learn.


Student diaries are an important component of student-parent-teacher communication. Diaries will be checked regularly by teachers for any parent communication. Parents are asked to sign the diary at the end of the week to indicate they have checked for any communication from teachers throughout the week.

Homework expectations

Grade 6 students are expected to do 30 minutes of homework each week night - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. The types of activities are:

  • Spelling / Integrated - 10 minutes

A list of spelling words are given each week.

Research relating to integrated unit.

  • Reading - 10 minutes

     Practising your personal reading strategy. Additional reading is encouraged everyday.

  • Mathematics - 10 minutes

     3 Mathletics tasks are given each week. After these are complete, there will be an open ended investigation. Feel free to discuss this with your child.

Students are welcome to use the time from 8:50am to 9am to access Chromebooks in the classroom and work on their homework.



During term 1, in Reading, we will be covering a number of reading strategies and setting personal reading goals for each student. Some of our reading stimuli will come from our Integrated Studies unit which focuses on Australia as a Nation.

In Writing during our Writer's Workshop sessions, students carefully select the text type they will write, including persuasive texts, narratives, reports, recounts, information texts and explanations. Students will also continue working on developing their writing skills in the VCOP and Big Write programs.


Our Mathematics unit focuses on the number concepts of Place Value, the four operations: Addition; Subtraction; Multiplication and Division, and word problems. We then move onto Patterns & Algebra, Brackets & Order of Operations. In measurement, students will learn about converting units of measurement, e.g. metres to kilometres, as well as Shape, Prisms, Pyramids & Objects.

Integrated Studies

Australia as a Nation

Federal Government: Students will look at the local federal electorate - Melbourne Ports. They will research background information on: Who are our federal representatives? Which parties do they represent? What is the demographic of our electorate and its interests? What was the platform/electoral promises that they were elected on? How does this connect to the history of our federation? Students will research and present on a prominent Australian of their choosing.  

Student Leadership: One session a week will focus on leadership activities and skills.  Each student has been given a leadership role and will be assigned tasks which will be completed in the leadership lesson. These tasks are set by the teacher overseeing each leadership area.  Tasks may involve preparing items for assembly, planning school events with relevant teachers, being good role models and teaching younger students in the school, and getting involved in community projects.

In addition, students will be consolidating knowledge of ESmart practises so that they can make good choices when they are online. Students will participate in mindfulness activities that will support their learning, wellbeing, social and emotional development.