School Council 2022

Albert Park Primary School is very lucky to have an active parent community, who are involved in our school in a myriad of ways. The school council works in partnership with the school to ensure the best possible outcomes for our children.  Providing a high quality learning and whole school experience from prep to year 6 is a priority.  Our school council comprises members of the parent community and staff members.

Being a member of school council or working on a school council sub-committee provides an opportunity to both support and challenge. School council looks at areas such as strategic planning including the AIP (Annual Implementation Plan) school improvement, financial rigour, fundraising, facilities and sustainability.

The school is in the heart of Albert Park and an integral part of our wonderful village community. An example of this is the incredible support of the local businesses during our major fundraising events throughout the year.

We rely on the generosity of parents - they are generous with their time, skills and money - to provide additional resources to make Albert Park Primary School great. Locally raised funds, through fundraising and voluntary contributions are needed to support our children's education. These funds are required to maintain and upgrade our technology (laptops, computers, Ipads and interactive whiteboards) and our facilities and grounds. Our fundraising events are also a lot of fun (fun-draising...) and a great way to socialise and meet new parents.

We encourage you to get involved. If you have any questions or ideas please talk to any of the school councillors - either catch us in the playground or email us via the school This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

At the beginning of each school year any vacancies are advertised through the school communications via email, Konnective and the school news bulletin.


  • APPS School Council 2022

    The Council elected the following Office Bearers:

  • •        Principal and DET Executive Officer- Katrina Mildner

  • •        President – Amy Guy

  • •        Vice President – Matt Evans

  • •        Treasurer – Lindsay Heveren

  • •        Secretary -

  • The Council elected the following Councillors to AAPS Committees/positions:

  • •        Education – 

  • •        Finance – Lindsay Heveren, Aris Lechte and Katrina Mildner

  • •        Facilities – Amy Guy, Aris Lechte and Katrina Mildner

  • •        Fundraising – 

  • •        Environment – 

  • •        Teachers on School Council are Kym Morgan and Sarah Psomotragos