School Information

Albert Park Primary School is located in the inner bay-side municipality of the City of Port Phillip. The current enrolment of around 575 students is drawn from diverse socio-economic backgrounds and cultures and has increased from 278 in 2001.

Melbourne Map showing school location

Due to the large growth in student enrolments, the school currently is implementing an enrolment strategy developed in conjunction with Middle Park, Port Melbourne, South Melbourne, South Melbourne Park and St Kilda Park Primary Schools. This strategy attempts to ease the pressure on the school's physical resources. This is important given the limited space available on the site occupied by the school. Its historic building, dating from 1873, has been upgraded and refurbished and provides large, light-filled and attractive classrooms.

During 2010 the school's facilities were increased with the addition 8 'non-permanent' classrooms to cope with the increase in enrolment. In September 2004, the school reclaimed a small triangle of land behind the David Hatherell Hall, which had been used by Port Phillip Council as a playground.  The installation of another 6 'non-permanent' classrooms was completed in 2014. 2017 saw the removal of these 6 'non permanent' classrooms which were replaced with two three-storey buildings with bridges connecting the two upper levels.

Out of Schools Hours Program, run by Camp Australia, operates from the David Hatherell Hall.  Learning technology, combining computer use, internet and other communication technologies, have been introduced forming an integral part of curriculum delivery and support. Each classroom has a large bank of networked computers. All teachers have notebooks and the whole school has wireless connectivity.

In 2001, the School Council commissioned a multi- stage Master Plan for the school grounds, In 2005 synthetic grass was installed on the mini oval and a third playground was built. A new perimeter fence and secure bike stalls were erected. The replastered walls of Wesleyan Hall were painted.

In 2001, Albert Park Primary School was listed as belonging to like school group 8, in 2006 like school group 3, moving into group 2. The school has steadily experienced a change in its demographics during the past three years, with a decline in educational maintenance allowance recipients and a slight decrease in non-English speaking background. Albert Park Primary School maintains its strong student numbers across all levels of the school.

A sense of community is an important feature of Albert Park Primary School. The school recognises the importance of the local community and values a collaborative partnership in the delivery of education. Students, staff and parents participate in a wide range of programs to support, enhance and develop community relations. There are many fundraising events in the school year. A major fundraiser is the Albert Park Fete. Community involvement in the classrooms is high with programs such as Parents as Helpers and Information Evenings, informing the community. The number of classroom teachers and specialist programs has increased along with the rapid enrolment growth. The staff is open and approachable, working with parents in classroom programs and out of school activities, further developing a sense of community. Staff members are committed to ongoing learning, and to attend professional development programs to enhance and strengthen classroom programs.

At Albert Park Primary School students are treated as individuals and encouraged to develop to their full potential and to do their best at all times. The school encourages our students to act in 'The Albert Park Way' - to be kind and fair, act safely, resepect other's rights, with one voice at a time and to keep trying.

Positive student behaviour and attitudes are reinforced through the Student Management Policy.  All children are provided with the opportunity to socialise with children of different age groups and cultural backgrounds. Clubs such as Lego, Make-it, Running, Dancing, Mindfullness in Calm Corner, Drawing and Library, operate at lunch times, to enable students to pursue their individual interests. Instrumental music lessons are out-sourced and run outside school times as well as during class time on a rotating roster.

The school also ensures appropriate resources and time are provided for all key learning areas to be covered comprehensively. Programs that actively support curriculum include excursions, school camps, student well-being, a buddy program and a highly organised transition program (both kindergarten to Foundation and years 6 to 7).

Parent  information nights are held early in the year and Student-Led Conferences between student-parent-and teacher are held after mid-year.  Parents meet with the teachers on occasions when required. Two written reports for parents are provided for each child annually. The school has fully implemented the Victorian Curriculum and POLT.

Individual Education plans are developed for students who are achieving above or below the expected level. Class programs are structured so that students are able to work in small groups.  Learning is catered to the chilren's zone of proximal development.