In 2013, APPS was awarded a $10,000 Energy Efficiency Grant from DEECD. This grant has allowed our school to implement energy saving measures across the whole school.  We have put learning about saving energy into our curriculum in Grade 3 and Grade 6 as well as giving student leaders in each classroom responsibility as Energy Savers.  These students were a vest and remind others to turn off lights and use energy wisely.  Parents, School Council and community volunteers have been involved as well.  Read our Learning Story - Energy here.

 Learning Story - Energy

Our story begins with student leaders. 2015 was our first year with Grade 6 Sustainability Leaders! The leaders are all very enthusiastic about making a difference at APPS. The leaders  conducted an energy audit of the entire school and presented a report of their findings to School Council, staff and students.


These leaders have also collected weekly travel-to-school data called “Terrific Tuesday”. We started using a system with pegs and paper plates for students to record how they travelled to school.
During October -Walk to School Month – our weekly hands up counts showed our active travel rates were above average for the whole month : 71%, 75%, 74% and 80%!


Sustainability Leaders have been working hard on their presentations to each class in the school on saving energy. They’ve made Turn off the light signs, Close the door signs, Turn me off signs and Set the temperature signs for each room. In addition, two Energy Saver vests were given to each class so that students can take responsibility for turning off appliances and saving energy.


Grade 3 students investigated energy through measuring temperature and light (illumination) around the school. Students made aerial pictures of their classroom showing electrical appliances that use energy in their classroom.

We have been very fortunate to have a community volunteer support our learning of energy generation at school. He shared his wonderful creations at our school’s Family Science Night in August and came along with the Sustainability leaders to the Sustainable Schools Festival at the St Kilda Town Hall to help with their Kids Teaching Kids Energy Workshop.


Parents have also contributed to improving energy saving at APPS. The Environment Sub-Committee worked closely on the Energy Audit completed by Planet Savers in March 2015. An action plan was put in place and these actions were completed:

  • Replaced emergency exit lighting lamps(10) with LED
  • Replaced T8 security Lighting with 10W motion sensored LED
  • Replaced traditional security lighting with LED
  • Adjust fridge lighting, remove 3 tubes
  • Switch off interactive white boards
  • Changed high bay lighting in hall
  • timers on security lighting
  • Installed thermometers in classrooms
  • ‘Switch off’ regime lights at break time and after school
  • ‘Switch off’ regime fridges at breaks/ holidays

Saving energy at our school has involved students, teachers, School Council, parents and community volunteers. Our challenges have been addressing behaviour change and implementing the best possible actions from the Energy Audit. Our progress in energy saving has been greatly assisted by being awarded a $10,000 Energy Efficiency Grant from DEECD. Our future plans are to: improve the PV panels already installed, make a 5 year plan to change lighting in the school to more efficient LED lights and continue to educate our community to take action to save energy.




2015-6-24 APPS Energy audit recommendations