Zero Waste - How I Made It Happen

Philippine McDonald, one of our APPS parents has written an article about how her family of 5 has reduced waste and become a zero-waste household.  An amazing and inspiring story with simple ways to make a difference  -  Zero Waste - HOW I MADE IT HAPPEN


James - Taking Care of Our Planet!

At the end of his prep year last year James noticed that there were lots of shared materials left over and decided to do something really special with his family’s help!

This is the story shared by Albert Park Pre School.  You can read James’ story HERE


Zero Waste Fete - a guide and our story

Our school has aimed for a zero waste fete in 2014, 2015 and 2016.  Our most successful year so far was 2016.  Click on the link below to see our guide and story on how our parents and staff have worked to create a fete with less waste: 

Learning Story Towards a waste free_fete


March 2016

Clean up Australia Day

Clean up Australia 2016


On the 8th March the whole school participated a nationwide clean up called “Clean Up Australia Day”. The name is pretty self explanatory, the school goes around the local area picking up rubbish. Don’t be worried about the safety of the kids as the teachers handed out rubber gloves. The years 1,2,3 cleaned up within the school grounds while the year 4s cleaned around it. The years 5 and 6 students cleaned up around the local streets.

One year six group picked up a whopping 295 cigarette butts across from Gumtree food shop as shown on the picture on the right, not to mention all other plastics and metals.The second group went and cleaned around Andrew's Hamburgers and they picked up over 150 cigarette butts. That is over four hundred cigarettes and that was only the year sixes. All together the students picked up over 213 hard plastics, 456 soft plastics, 17 milk containers, 157 food scraps, 64 pieces of cardboard, 98 straws, 292 pieces of paper, 149 pieces of aluminium foil, 273 other items and 693 cigarette butts. Altogether Albert Park Primary students picked up over 2437 pieces of rubbish. If not picked up those pieces of rubbish would have been blown away to the bay and then some poor fish or dolphin would have eaten it, got sick and ended up dead. With this clean up we have helped Albert Park become a cleaner place. Start picking up rubbish Albert Park to make it a cleaner place!


Written by Mitchell and Marco 6N


The Sustainability Stall at the Fete

This was the first year that we have had a sustainability stall at our Fete. We showcased what we do in Active Travel at APPS. The Mayor stopped by, along with Annette Maloney (Port Melbourne PS School Council President) and the Assistant Principal of Bellbridge Primary School, who we narrowly beat by just 1 point to win the Golden Wheel award last term. We look forward to some “healthy competition” with Bellbridge again this year!

Sustainability Stall 1Sustainability Stall 3

Thanks to everyone for their donations of bikes, scooters, skateboards, rollerblades, helmets etc. for our stall. We were very fortunate to have Back 2 Bikes volunteering at our stall all day, pumping up tyres, fixing gear levers and helping fete goers find the bike that was right for them. They also donated some bikes to the stall, and 100% of all sales went straight to the school.



banner-schools-cud 2015

Clean Up Australia Day at APPS
Our activities for the 2015 Clean Up Australia Day are:
• A pledge from each class to clean up an area of our school or playground.
• Promoting Beach Patrol 3206 event on 1 March in our school newsletter and via Konnective.
• Nude Food lunchbox challenge for each class
• Guest speaker for Grade 4 students on cleaning up in the local area

E-waste pick up
Thursday 11 December 2014 @ Middle Park PS from 4 pm.

List of accepted items below.

Stop unwanted e-waste going to landfill!

An initiative of MPPS student environment team.

Ewaste ad for newsletter