Welcome to Prep 2018!

The teachers working in Prep this semester are Sam Carroll, Amanda Craig, Sophie Houlden and Prue Smith.

We would like to congratulate all Prep students and their families on their 100 days of school! We are all very proud of how well everyone has continued to try their best and persist with their learning throughout the year.


This semester the Prep students will continue to experience a variety of rich literature and text. As an integral part of literacy, our Letters and Sounds program has students learning two and three letter phonemes that help them to read more complex words. We continue our Pocket Rocket booklets and take home readers, ensuring that we are reading just right books. Fostering a love of literature while developing confidence with early reading skills is an important part of our program.


During semester two our Maths units focus heavily on place value, addition and subtraction. We continue to count beyond 100 and embed the strategies learnt earlier in the year to solve more complex problems. Students have been practising counting forwards and backwards using a number chart, bead frame and other concrete materials. We will continue this focus to ensure there are no misconceptions. Other areas of learning will focus on direction and the language of position, time, fractions, data representation, money, multiplication and division.

Integrated Studies

This term we are using our Science inquiry skill to learn about Dinosaurs! Next term we will be learning about Traditional Fables, Myths, Dreamtime Stories and Fairy Tales.

We will also continue to embed into our teaching:

  • The Albert Park Way
  • Learning Dispositions
  • Sustainability
  • Digital Technologies
  • Critical and Creative Thinking

Dates for your Diary

These dates were correct at the time of publication however, please check the school website for any updated calendar events and possible date changes.

Term 3:

Friday 27th July - 100 Days of School

Friday 3rd August - Silly Hat Day

Tuesday 7th August - French Day

Thursday 9th August - Student Led Conferences (4-7pm)

Friday 10th August - Student Led Conferences (8-12:30pm)

Monday 13th August - Curriculum Day

Tuesday 14th August - APPS Has Talent Final P-2

Tuesday 21st August - Wellbeing Parent Info Night

Thursday 30th August - Father’s Day Stall

Friday 31st August - Blocks Breakfast

Friday 7th September - APPS Family Dance

Friday 14th September - Literacy Day Parade

Friday 21st September - Last Day of School 2pm Assembly.

Term 4:

Tuesday 13th November - Prep 2019 Transition

Tuesday 20th November - Prep 2019 Transition

Tuesday 27th November - Prep 2019 Transition

Thursday 29th November - Prep 2019 Parent Info Night

Tuesday 11th December - Up Day 2019

Tuesday 18th December - End of Year Concert