The Prep teachers for the second half of 2017 are Amanda, Sam, Rose, Melody and Sarah. The Prep classrooms are located in the main school building.

Term 3 2017


In Reading, we will be covering the CAFE reading strategies to continue to develop student’s comprehension, accuracy, fluency and expanding their vocabulary. In Writing, students will continue to work on their individual goals and write about a variety of topics. An overall goal will be for the students to become more independent writers over the second half of the year. This term we will be introducing the take home teddy. This is designed to further develop the skills of writing, speaking and listening skills.


In Maths, students will start the term by working on their understanding of Place Value. We will also be covering addition and subtraction, location, time, fractions and decimals.

Science/ Integrated Studies

This term student will be learning about sustainability in our local environment. They will be working with the Sustainability Leaders on a variety of topics around the school.

Communication Folders/ Take Home Readers

At the end of last term your child received their new Take Home Reader Folder. We hope that you enjoyed personalising it with your child over the holidays. Included in the folder are the 100 MIOOW words. We encourage you to learn these words by reading, writing and playing games with them.

100 Days of School

On Friday 28th July we will be celebrating our full 100 days of school. Students have been counting forwards and backwards to 100 and we are all looking forward to celebrating this milestone.


Please remember the playground is supervised until 3:45pm. If you have not collected your child by this time they will be waiting for you at the office.

Remember to check Konnective and the Communication Folder for regular updates and information.

In prep, the students begin using technology in the classroom. Here are some useful iPad apps for you to support your child’s learning at home.

iPad Apps

Kids Write

Base Ten Blocks

Maths… Free

School A to Z


Spell Game

Tic Toe Phonics

Reading Eggs

Reading eggs


Splash maths


Super Hero HD


Spelling Hero

SpelGrade 1-5

Missing numbers