In the Art room!

Term 2 in the Art Room..

This term we are aiming to use mainly recycled or reusable materials in our art. Although not all projects can be completed by using only reusable or sustainable materials, the aim is to start the discussion about using objects and materials for art making. You can have lots of fun at home making new beautiful creations out of recyclables or old toys/objects!

Prep- Students will continue to develop basic artistic skills such as drawing, painting, cutting, gluing, and creating. They will experiment with various materials including their fingers/hands to create simple artworks. This term, students will use their fingers, textas, paint/paint brushes, oil pastels, crayons and ripped paper to make a collage.

Grades 1&2- Mindfulness

Students are learning about mindfulness in art. They are encouraged to use their vast imaginations to go on short meditative journeys and display what they see in their artwork. We are hoping to produce 2 pieces of art to send home this term! You can help to grow your child’s imagination and meditation skills by doing a simple meditation or mindfulness practise each day.

Grade 3&4- Dreamcatchers

Students in Grade 3 and 4 will be exploring Art from different culture this term and throughout the rest of the year. To begin the term, students will learn about the dreamcatcher and the legend and history behind it. They will make these out of reused CDs/DVDs, yarn, feathers and beads. We are hoping to get to another project before the term ends.

Grade 5&6- Art as social change

The grade 5 and 6 students have been chosen to participate in a community wide project called The Creatures of the Bay. Students will collaborate to create artworks out of rubbish collected from our local beaches to be displayed in an exhibit at Gasworks Arts Park. Each class will participate in a beach patrol clean up to collect the rubbish for the project. Next the students will sort what we have collected and then work collaboratively to make sea creatures. The Grade 5 students are making small sea creatures to hang on mobiles and the Grade 6’s are making a large Burrunan Dolphin. Both grades are learning about the unique species we have living in our bay within their classrooms as an integrated topic. The exhibit will be on display from 14th-30th of June, with the opening event on Sat. 17th of June. We are all looking forward to seeing the amazing creations from rubbish from the beach!

Rachel Lehrner

Visual Arts Teacher

Albert Park Primary School