Music in 2018


Assembly Performances Term 3

All the students at APPS will perform at assembly during the year. Below are the performances scheduled for term 3. Assemblies are usually held on Fridays at 3pm.

Week Assembly Date Performance
2 July 27 2H and 2J - Wee Willy Winkie
3 August 3 Prep A and Prep J
4 August 10 No Assembly - student-led conferences - No Students at school except for their scheduled interview time
5 August 17 5L
7 August 31 3A and 3B
9 September 14 Literacy Day parade - 9AM ASSEMBLY
10 September 21 2PM Assembly - TBA performances from concerts

What does it mean to learn Music at Albert Park Primary School?

Students are developing music skills and understanding through a playful approach to singing, playing instruments, moving, and listening to music.

Important skills include:

  • Well-pitched and expressive singing.
  • A strong sense of beat and rhythmic feel and response.
  • Listening with concentration and imagination and developing stories from abstract sound.
  • Playing a wide range of instruments in a variety of class ensembles. The instruments include an extensive array of un-tuned (drums etc.) and tuned (xylophones etc.) percussion instruments.
  • Refined listening leading to music literacy through solfa singing (do, re, me etc.)
  • Choral singing
  • Physical expression, movement, dance and drama which naturally arises from the experience of making music.
  • Improvisation and composition using the voice and all kinds of sound sources.

All students have the opportunity (and obligation) to perform within class and to their peers and school community through assemblies, school concerts and special events.

Students with a special interest in music will be encouraged to pursue additional ensembles and performance projects.

Michael Roper

Classroom Music Teacher



As part of Reconciliation Week students performed the Boon Wurrung Totem Song - Friday 25 May 2018

 Watch the video: Boon Wurrung Totem Assembly Song 2018