Music in 2019

Special events and opportunities in term 3 2019

Instrumental Ensemble meets Monday mornings at 8am. Email Michael for more information ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).


Friday 2nd August: 'Sound & Colour' workshop at the Australian Tapestry Workshop with contemporary percussionist Zela Papageorgiou. 15 students from junior grades and 15 from senior grades will attend this one session workshop.


Australian Children’s Music Foundation National Song writing competition for grades 4-6. APPS song writing competition for grades 1-3. Entries close at the end of August. Children need to submit a copy of the original words and record the singing. Michael can help with recording children’s entries.


Music Concerts, Tuesday 3rd September:

All children in Gr1, gr3 and gr5 will be performing in one of three Music Concerts. The concerts will run for around 35minutes each. The purpose of these concerts is to provide students with a well-supported, well prepared, semi-formal concert performance experience for a familiar but extended audience, and to have lots of fun!

The reason the grades are mixed is for the students and audience to observe the skill development over time and share repertoire from mixed age groups.

5.30pm Concert 1: 1BS + 1R + 3B + 3N

6.20pm Concert 2: 1M + 1H + 5L + 5V

7.10pm Concert 3: 3I + 3S + 5D + 5C

Tuesday 10th September: Gr6 Arts Festival performance 6pm.

Tuesday 17th September: APPS students will perform at the City of Port Phillip Citizenship ceremony

 2019 Boonwurrung totem song

 Performing the Boonwurrung Totem song at the opening of 2019 Combined Schools Winter Concert. 12th June St Kilda Town Hall.

What does it mean to learn Music at Albert Park Primary School?

Students are developing music skills and understanding through a playful approach to singing, playing instruments, moving, and listening to music.

Important skills include:

  • Well-pitched and expressive singing.
  • A strong sense of beat and rhythmic feel and response.
  • Listening with concentration and imagination and developing stories from abstract sound.
  • Playing a wide range of instruments in a variety of class ensembles. The instruments include an extensive array of un-tuned (drums etc.) and tuned (xylophones etc.) percussion instruments.
  • Refined listening leading to music literacy through solfa singing (do, re, me etc.)
  • Choral singing
  • Physical expression, movement, dance and drama which naturally arises from the experience of making music.
  • Improvisation and composition using the voice and all kinds of sound sources.

All students have the opportunity (and obligation) to perform within class and to their peers and school community through assemblies, school concerts and special events.

Students with a special interest in music will be encouraged to pursue additional ensembles and performance projects.