Music in 2017

Music learning across the whole school:

Students are developing music skills through singing, playing, moving, and listening to music. The students are encouraged to develop well-pitched and expressive singing, as well as a sense of beat and rhythmic feel and response. They are encouraged to listen with concentration and imagination, developing stories from abstract sound. Students use body percussion, as well as a large array of un-tuned (drums etc.) and tuned (xylophones etc.) percussion instruments, in a variety of class ensembles.

Students develop skills in solfa singing and listening (do, re, me etc.), and they enjoy group singing and singing games. The children listen for stories in music and find inspiration for movement and body expression.

Students practise improvisation and composition using all kinds of sound sources.

All students have the opportunity to perform within class and to their peers and school community through assemblies and other school events.

Special events in Term 2:

      Reconciliation Choir: Year 3-6 students are invited to join a special school choir which will perform at our Reconciliation Week Assembly on 26th May and the Combined Schools Winter Concert. The choir rehearses on Fridays after lunch for 30 minutes.

      Composing Festival: This term a particular focus is on developing skills in improvisation and composition. Students are invited to perform their own compositions, solo or with others in the last week on this term. More information will follow via Konnectives.

      Combined Schools Winter Concert: Middle Park PS, Port Melbourne PS, St Kilda PS, St Kilda Park PS, Albert Park College and Albert Park PS will join together for a special concert on Wednesday June 21st at the South Melbourne Town Hall. Each school will provide 10 minutes or so for the program. Children in the Reconciliation Choir will be invited to perform in this concert, as well as children in the lunchtime Marimba Ensemble.

      Tuesday Lunchtime Marimba Ensemble: A group of year 6 students have volunteered to meet on Tuesday lunchtimes to prepare for a performance at school and also at the Combined schools concert (see above).

Michael Roper

Music Teacher