Physical Education

PE Focus in Term 2 2017

Prep; Throwing and catching, minor games, Dance and Movement

Year 1’s; Throwing and catching activities, Rounders, Tee-ball AFL skills and Cross country

Year 2’s – Throwing and catching, Striking, AFL skills, Tee-Ball and Cross Country

Year 3’s - Cross country, Tee-ball, Modified handball , Hockey and AFL skills

Year 4’s - Cross country, Tee-ball, Hockey , Modified handball and AFL skills

Year 5’s – Cross country, Tee-ball, Hockey ,LaCrosse and AFL

Year 6’s Cross country, Tee-ball, Hockey ,LaCrosse and AFL skills

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Southport Schools Sports Association (SSSA)

The SSSA is the district arm of the Victorian Primary School Sports Association and is responsible for organizing and conducting numerous sporting activities for students attending schools in the Albert Park, Port Melbourne, Middle Park, St Kilda and Toorak areas. There are 10 schools in the district who each provide a representative to become a member of the SSSA Committee. These members take responsibility to organize all gala days, sports trials, athletics and swimming carnivals each year, and volunteer their time in excess to their teaching loads. All of this work is completed with the aim of providing a holistic and supportive schools sports program for your children.

Kate Simon - PE Teacher.