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On Friday 19th June we held the second of our information/discussion sessions for parents on the topic: SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL LEARNING.

If you were unable to make the session please follow these links below for the presentation and some helpful material from KidsMatter.

Social & Emotional




On Thursday 26th March we held the first of our information sessions for parents on the topic: HELPING YOUR CHILDREN WITH FRIENDSHIPS.

If you were unable to make the session please follow these links to some helpful material from KidsMatter.





On Tuesday 17th February 2015 Sue Pattison welcomed everyone to the official launch of The Albert Park Way which will guide the manner in which all members of the school community will act and behave every day.

As recognition of exemplary behaviour of TAPW, students will have the opportunity to be awarded bands of specific ways over the course of their school life at APPS.


As part of our school self-evaluation (SSP) in late 2013 both staff and parents identified a need for a more comprehensive approach to student wellbeing and management. Developing increased resilience was set as our SSP goal and we made the commitment to work towards accreditation as a Kids Matters School (the original idea presented to us by one of our parents Talya Samuel, who has continued to work with us as the parent representative on the Kids Matter committee.

Kids Matter Primary is a national collaboration between the education and health sectors. It was jointly developed by the Principals Australia Institute, beyondblue, and the Australian Psychological Society (APS), with funding from the Australian Government Department of Health.

Mental health and wellbeing is vital for learning and life. Children who are mentally healthy learn better, benefit from life experiences and have stronger relationships with family members, school staff and peers.

Good mental health in childhood also provides a solid foundation for:

  • managing the transition to adolescence and adulthood
  • engaging successfully in education
  • making a meaningful contribution to society.
  • Creating a sense of community
  • Developing social and emotional skills
  • Helping children with mental health issues
  • Working with parents and carers.

School is the most significant developmental context, after family, for primary school-aged children. Schools play a crucial role in building children's self-esteem and sense of competence. They can also act as a safety net and assist in protecting children from circumstances that affect their learning, development and wellbeing. Schools, working closely with families and the community, are key environments for comprehensively supporting children's mental health and wellbeing.

Kids Matter is a framework for schools to focus on and improve the mental health of the students and community. Schools take action across four areas known as components. Research has identified that these are the areas where schools can make a real difference in supporting their students’ mental health and wellbeing. They are

The members of the Kids Matter committee have undertaken significant training and collaboration in the first two of these components. In 2014, we began the implementation of the Bounce Back program to build resilience in our students from Foundation to year 6. However through a number of forums, we gathered feedback this was a positive initiative but it fell short of building the strong and cohesive culture of positive interactions that we sought. The Albert Park Way has been carefully crafted to generate that common language of action and behavior that we can all use on a daily basis and to instill a pride in the way we work and play at Albert Park Primary.

The representative Kids Matter Action team is:

Sue Pattison – Leadership

Talya Samuel – Parents

Bron Fawcett – Senior School

Amanda Craig – Junior School

Jedda Reidy – Education Support Staff


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